Boris Georgievics, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialized Spine Surgeon


The treatment of problems and pain of the entire vertebral column has in nowadays become the field of specialized surgeons.

The innovations in the surgical methodes are increasing.

The possibilities of minimal invasive operations, newer implants and better ways of rehabilitation after the surgical intervention, enabels the patient to leave the hospital quickly and return back to work.

Even though surgery is a good way to reduce pain and reestablish function it should be the last step in the treatment-plan.

The basis of all decisions must be an exact diagnosis including medical history, physical examination and diagnostic investigations such as MRI und X-ray or even laboratory values if necessary.

After collecting the needful facts I can decide, together with my patient, the best way to solve his specific problem.

In the majority of the cases an operation is not the first measure to be taken. Prior to that, we often start with intense pain treatment, including also injection therapy or denervation procedures of aching facet joints or the sacroiliac joint.

If a serious attempt of non-operative care does not result in constant good quality of life, a surgical approach has to be contemplated.


Examination of patiens take place in my office located in Wels, Upper-Austria:

            Center of Excellence for Health St. Stephan


Surgical treatment is carried out in the

            Private Hospital of the Medical Center Bad Vigaun


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